How to tie a fishing hook

How to tie a fishing hook

What you need: one foot of line (depending on what type of fish you are going for), hook, fishing line, hands.

To tie a fish hook, you need to tie the hook so the fish won't come off. In this tutorial, I will be using thread so it will be easier to see. The hook is attached to the leader line, not the reel.

Poke the fishing line through the hole as shown. It is essential to poke it in the front so the hook is facing upward when done. This is so you can hook the fish easier.

Around the poked through line, wrap the line around nine times.

Poke the other end of the line through the back of the hook.

When finished, this is what it should look like. Good luck!

When you are done with tying the hook, attach it to the swivel below the weight. This has nothing to do with the hook, but I'm just letting you know there is more to it rather than tying a hook.

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