How to clip and trim your horse for show

How to clip and trim your horse for show

This is zippy we use the whal show pro clippers.

First you shave the nose. Some horse's whiskers trim better going down ward.

Other horse's whiskers trim better going up. It's just like men shaving their face, it all depends on the angle!

Next step is trimming the eyes. There are also eye whiskers that need to be trimmed. The more trimmed the horse, the more the judges will love them!

Next is the ears! This is known to be the toughest part of the whole clipping process! You want to make sure that all long hair on the inside is clipped and the rim of the ears.

Next is the bridal path. This makes it so the band that goes behind the ears doesn't slide around. The length of the bridal path should be the same length as the ears. As shown above.

And then, trim away!

Then it's time for the feet. This part is tricky you want someone, if its not you who has the steady hand to do this. You want to get all the feathers and the long hair that on the back of the leg.

Also trim around the hooves so its all clean and cut. So that way the hair isn't shaggy and you can see the hoof.

Once that's done. Then it's time to paint the hooves. Most horses that have solid colors above their hooves you paint them black. But if its white, then there's a clear paint.

Start at the top, then and work your way around the band of the hoof.

Then fill in the black where the running paint hasn't covered. For a smooth glossy finish.

As you can tell your horse's hooves will look a lot better for show with their hooves painted.

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