How to cook a wild herbal soup (may be veg(etari)an, too)

How to cook a wild herbal soup (may be veg(etari)an, too)

Pick your herbs up from a garden or park or forest, but far from automobile roads and factories/plants/ construction sites.

Actually you can use just one kind of any herb, or any 2 kinds and in any desired proportion, just remember that sorrel and rhubarb are sour. Sort ur herbs off any strange plants.

Prepare a mix of 1 cup of simple white vinegar per 1 litre of cold water (in proportion to the volume of ur herbs, the water top shall be over the herbs).

Soak the herbs in the mix min 10 min if you've found them in ur granny's chemical-free garden; 30 min if in other looking natural places (mine's the first case)

Boil about 2 liters of water (I boil in an electric teapot). Meanwhile peel ur potatoes and cut them to cubes

Put the potatoes into a 3-l pan or, in my case, to a multicooker. Pour 2 l of boiled water over them. Turn on the heat or put ur multicooker to a soup mode

While potatoes are boiling, pour off the vinegar-water mix, put the herbs into a sieve, rinse them with cold water thoroughly, put them to a clean towel and dry

Cook the potatoes until they got al dente that u can determine by tasting or with a fork.

Cut the herbs. Don't cut too little or thin, they will shrink when boiled. Cut the nettles

Cut the rhubarb

Cut the sorrel

Cut and add all stems, too - we want their vitamins. But chop them really fine since we dont want to pull their fibers from our teeth.

After the potatoes have been boiled for about 10 min and become al dente, add ur herbs and lime leaves to the water with boiled potatoes. Remember: herbs shrink a lot in water;

The sour leaves immediately become brownish; nettles keep their emerald color.

Add ur funchosa or whatever instant noodles. Stop the heat in 5 min

If not vegan, boil the eggs 5-7 minutes meanwhile; take them off heat and put under the cold shower for a while - they will peel off better

Chop halfegg to ur soup cup. My son prefers a whole egg.

I prefer tofu instead of eggs

Add the ground pepper and salt (hymalaian pink salt in our case)

Organic soy sauce instead of salt in my case

Pour the soup into the cups.

You can whiten your soup with a sour cream, yoghurt or soy yoghurt


Watch the video: Simple Mushroom Soup (December 2021).