How to candy kumquats [gf][df][sf]

How to candy kumquats [gf][df][sf]

Bittersweet Banshee bakes for the local Los Angeles area. I am ServSafe Certified and today we are making some candied kumquats with palm sugar! They are easy, delicious, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Begin slicing about 4 - 7 slits in each kumquat to de-seed it while keeping it intact. (Keeping it intact will help you when you're pressing the candied kumquats down later in the steps.)

Deseeded Kumquats.

I'm using Palm Sugar aka coconut sugar. It will give it a slightly different taste and texture than just refined white sugar. It will be darker and imitate the taste of molasses.

Blanch the deseeded kumquats 3 times (dropping in boiling water for 1 minute & transferring to an ice bath for 1 minute). Bring the Palm Sugar & water to a boil, until incorporated, then add kumquats.

After about 25 minutes of the kumquats simmering in the palm sugar and water mixture. Stir occasionally to evenly keep the sugar coating distributed on all the kumquats.

After 45 - 55 minutes they will begin to look translucent & the syrup will thicken immensely. At this time you can take the pot off the heat & cover with a cloth & steep kumquats for at least 8 hours.

Preheat oven 200F. Once they steep, they must be flattened. It's okay if you don't press out all the filling, it's more to enjoy. Then transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet.

I baked these at 200F for a few hours. Depending on what size you cut your kumquats into, will depend how long they take. Before baking...

After baking. Now you can roll them in powdered sugar or serve as is! These little guys are stuff but chewy and not tough at all!

I went ahead and dipped my candied kumquats in powered sugar so they would have an extra bit of sweet and not stick to each other. They keep for one week room temperature or 3 weeks in the fridge.

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