How to do an intermediate magic trick: smack that card

How to do an intermediate magic trick: smack that card

Let the spectator pick a card.

For example the card picked in this trick was the queen of diamonds.

Divide the deck in half and ask them to place their card on top of the half on the right.

Don't put the top half on yet, keep your pinkie finger on top.

As shown here keep your finger just enough so the spectator won't suspect anything.

Now put the top half on but keep your pinkie there. It looks normal from their point of view.

But you can clearly see the giant gap

Pick up the top half of the deck that your pinkie divided and place it under the half on the right.

Now their card is on top of the deck.

Pinch the top and the bottom cards and pull them off. Then place it on the top of the deck.

Repeat the process about four times. But on the fourth time put the cards on the bottom.

The bottom should look like this,their card should be second from the bottom.

Turn the deck over and ask them if this is their card, they will say no.

Slide the bottom card back just enough for them not to notice.

Now the bottom card is sticking back towards you.

Now take their card and put it on the table face down.

Now this is their card.

The bottom card is now under the deck, take it and move it to the top

Turn the deck over again and ask if it is their card, they will say no. You take that card, then put it down, and repeat until you have three cards down and their card on the bottom.

Ask them to hold the cards in the corners and make sure their card is on the bottom.

Hit the cards till the card on the bottom is left.

Tell them to turn it over and you have just blown their mind!!!!!!!

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