How to make mini "mimosas"

How to make mini

Ingredients you will need are: 1/4 cup boiling water, 1 (3 oz.) JELL-O packet (you could use almost any flavor of JELL-O you want), 1/3 cup Sprite or Club Soda, and 2-5 fresh strawberries.

Things you will need: small bowl, knife, spoon, small sample cups or cupcake molds, and cooking spray or paper towel with some oil on it.

Pour the JELL-O into the bowl.

Boil the water for the JELL-O.

Add boiling water to the JELL-O mix and mix together in a small bowl. Stir for two minutes or until completely dissolved.

Slowly stir into the mixture the Sprite or Club Soda.

Cut the strawberries crosswise so that they look like little discs. Cut each strawberry into five pieces. The strawberry pieces should be almost 1 in. in diameter so you might need more strawberries.

Spray the 10 molds with cooking spray or put some oil on a paper towel and spread around the oil evenly.

Place the strawberries flat on the bottom of the mold.

Fill the molds with the JELL-O mixture evenly. It is normal for the strawberries to float.

Refrigerate for a hour or until it gets firm. *You should wait a little over an hour because if not it is really jiggly and it is really hard to get it out of the molds nicely.*

Take the Mini Mimosas out of the molds carefully by flipping them onto a plate. You should put the mimosas on the plate close to serving time. If not they will collapse a little bit.


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