How to put together a punching bag set. (everlast)

How to put together a punching bag set. (everlast)

To put an Everlast punching bag set together you will need to buy one it comes With every thing you will need. Put this pole with the other one from the next slide this pole has 4 holes in it.

This is the poles you need to put together.

This is what it should look like.

Now screw them in tight to make sure it don't get lose from the bag moving around

Now take this pole and put it on the last 2 holes from the first slide.

Make sure the 4 poles you put together are really tight it took me about 10 min just tightening this together.

I did not take a pitcher of the pole I'm putting the screw in. The pole has one hole in the bottom and one on the top for the hook screw that holds the bag.

Make sure it gets in there nice and tight. "Might have to tighten it every once and a while.

Attach the bag to the hook screw.

And you are done.

Watch the video: Everlast Heavy Bag Stand Assembly Instruction Guide (January 2022).