How to easy & healthy dijon steak & green bean salad

How to easy & healthy dijon steak & green bean salad

You will need four main ingredients: French green beans, red onion, sweet cherry tomatoes and left over steak.

Cook the green beans in the microwave for about 8:00 minutes

In the meantime... Slice the steak. I like using tenderloin.

Slice a small red onion. I only use half an onion in this recepie.

Slice the cherrie tomatoes. I used yellow tomatoes but red will be just as good and will add a nice color to the salad.

It is time to put the dressing together. You will need three ingredients. Dijon mustard, lemon and dill.

In a small bowel... add 2 table spoons of Dijon mustard.

Squeeze juice from half a lemon (no seeds).

If the lemon is not juicy use a whole lemon.

Chop three bunches of dill and...

... add the dill to the bowel. Mix it all together.

Assembly time.

Add the cherries to the green beans,

the onion,

the steak

and the dressing and stir well.

Ta-dam.... and there you have it, ready to serve easy, healthy, tasty left over dijon steak and green bean salad. Enjoy!!!

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