How to create a peppermint mocha

How to create a peppermint mocha

Gather all your supplies!

Now, take set aside these. You'll be using them first :)

Take 3 spoon full of Cocoa mix, and put it in the glass (Depending on size of your cup, and amount of milk, use more or less)

Now add in a little bit of Coffee into the Cocoa mix. Don't use whole packet! Amount of coffee used is dependent on how strong you'd like the drink to be.

Now add milk. Leave a bit of space in the glass for more ingredients :)

Put your drink in the Microwave for 2 minutes, take out and stir, and put back in for another 1min 30sec.

While your drink is in the microwave, un-wrap your candy cane, and place in a sandwich bag.. Start crushing >:3

That's good :D your drink should be ready now..

Stir :)

Grab these ingredients. These are optional, but they sure do make it extra yummy! (Also get your Cocoa Powder, not in pic)

Add some marshmallows (i add as much marshmallows that will fit under the rim)

Some whipped cream :o

Some chocolate syrup

And a sprinkle of Cocoa mix :)

Last but not least, add crushed candy cane (to your liking)

And Enjoy! Happy Holidays :)

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