How to create a caramel mocha

How to create a caramel mocha

Gather all of your needed supplies. Check "Supplies" tab for measurements and names.

Add 3 spoon fulls of Cocoa Mix to your cup

Add desired amount of Instant Coffee to you cup, stir cocoa and coffee together.

Add desired amount of milk. I suggest leaving enough space in the cup for whipped cream :) i added a bit to much milk to my example, and it overflowed a bit.

Great! Now, don't stir..

And into the Microwave we go! Put it on for about 2 minutes. I put mine in for 3 and it got really hot! So put it in according to how warm/hot you like your Mocha to be.

While the drink is in the microwave, let's prepare our caramel :) First, un-wrap the caramel and place on a plate (You really only need 3, i miscounted at first)

Dispose of the wrappers, grab your "Steak" knife, and slice each into 3 slices.

It may look all weird when it comes out of the microwave, but just stir and it'll start to look good again :)

Add your Caramel Creamer. Amount used is dependent on personal preference and amount of Mocha.

Add whipped cream

Yum! Let's continue

Add slices of Caramel to the drink

And lastly, add your Caramel syrup.. Mmm! Notice: this drink is quite sugary, to make it taste more like coffee.. Make sure to have added more instant coffee. Enjoy!

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