How to make delia's squidgy chocolate cake

How to make delia's squidgy chocolate cake

It's a rainy day, perfect for squidgy chocolate cake

First, break the chocolate into smaler pieces

And put it into a dubble boiler

Add the warm water

It's melting!!

Seperate 2 eggs and mix the yolks together

Mix it into the warm chocolate like so

Put the mousse in the refrigerator for 30 min.

Seperate the last eggs

Mix the egg yolks with the caster sugar and cocoa

Beat the egg whites and mix it with the cocoa batter

Bake at 180 C. Gas mark 4 in 20-25 min

Done! It will fall like a sufflé but thats okay

Cut the sides of, im sure you are a person that loooove cake! Cut it in half

Whip the dubble cream

Add a layer of chocolate moussé on the first part of the cake

And wipped cream

Add the other part of the cake, one layer more of moussé, and one layer more of wipped cream and cover the sides to. Now....... DECORATE!

One piece, taste amzaing!

Don't make this cake if you are allergic to chocolate...

I got the recepy from this amazing book made bh Delia, it's an amazing book! Had to share the recepy with you!

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