How to cook fish ball noodles

How to cook fish ball noodles

Fish balls that soak in water are more bouncy and fresher and yummier. You can find this in wet market.

Discard the water and give it a quick rinse.

Bought this fried bean curd from wet market too.

I use this ikan bilis (anchovies) cubes as soup base.

Bring a pot of water to boil.

When the water start boiling, add the cube.

This is Chinese preserved vegetables.

Soaked and excess water squeezed

Add into pot.

Add some salt and taste accordingly.

Soak your fav noodles until soft. I go with glass noodles aka tang hoon.

When the soup boiling, add the fish balls.

When the fish balls start to float, is ready.

Add the noodles.

Add your fav green vege. I go with baby kai lan. Cook the noodles and vegetables in less than 20 seconds.

Add the fried bean curd, fried pork lard oil with garlic and a dash of pepper. Ready to serve. Enjoy!

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