How to paint king eiden drake with your fingers

How to paint king eiden drake with your fingers

Prime your canvas with a mix of liquid white and a dab of blue for a cold, Arctic background.

Get all your paints together on your plate and hit your canvas!

Ochre and white for the blurry background field. Horizontal strokes then blend it all together.

Squeeze titanium white right onto your canvas.

Blend it with your fingers to create snowy mounds in the background.

Add the water with horizontal lines of Phalo Blue. Blend together using some leftover of your arctic primer.

Soften the whole scene with light strokes of your chip brush.

Carve out your subject with your pinky and begin to block in color.

Add the black body.

Pull down on the base of the body with your thumb, then blend horizontally for the reflection effect.

Add detail to the face.

Second coat of detail.

Add white lines to the water and sign with your pinky.

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