How to make a detox superfood juice

How to make a detox superfood juice

Juicing is a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. I juice regularly and sometimes substitute for a meal. I find that the raw nutrients give me a sustained boost of energy.

This will only work with a juicer- NOT a blender. A juicer separates the pulp & fibers and extracts the juices in raw form.

Use local and organic produce if available. Pre-wash all fruits and vegetables.

Core and cut the apples. This will help the arrangement in your juicing funnel. Orange rinds are bitter. Peel the rinds leaving as much pith as you can.

Protip: Before you juice, line the part of your juicer with a plastic bag where the pulp and fibers are disposed. This will make cleaning up much easier.

Start with a fruit or vegetable thats has the most juice and follow with one that doesn't. This maximizes the juice content by having the liquid pass through the mechanism twice.

Next, take your leafy greens and bundle them together. The more compact it is, the easier it is to extract the juice. In this step, I juiced both the Dino and Red Kale.

Since leafy greens have a lot of pulp, I usually go with the next vegetable or fruit with the most juice. This will help loosen any juices from the fibers or pulp. Cucumber and celery ready to go.

Contents should look like this. Next step add the most solid pieces last to the juicer. Beet and ginger go in.

A beautiful ribbon of rainbows.

Pour contents in a larger container

You'll see a separation of juices and foam.

Whisk it up to evenly distribute

Pour into an air tight juicing container. Because this is fresh juice, it will spoil after 2 days. Best to drink within 24 hrs to receive maximum nutrients and benefits. This is about 4-5 servings.

There you have it all in one glass. I've tried lots of veggie fruit combos, and this is my favorite. Feel free to swap out ingredients and make your own. You can pretty much juice just about anything.

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