How to make onion salad and special dressing

How to make onion salad and special dressing

So I fry an onion with some herbs (whatever's close by). These are fried in a tiny bit of sesame oil. Onions are great and help keep you from getting sick!

I washed some lettuce. I wish I had spinach but this is a fridge emptying salad.

I minced some garlic into the onion, garlic always goes with onion.

Next I chopped the lettuce up and put it in a bowl while waiting for the onion to cook.

Onions done! Plop it in there.

Grate some cheese in there, cheese is delicious.

Next, to replace dressing, I added about a teaspoon or two of honey, try to drip it all around the salad to coat.

Next I added a teaspoon or two of Dijon mustard.

You can kind of see the honey and mustard on here. Stir it at this point.

I added one squirt of olive oil. Side note, these squirt bottles are incredible for oil. I got this one from dollarama. Stir more.

Sesame seeds!

Around this many. Try to sprinkle them everywhere. They'll stick to the honey.

Stir it all together. And it's done! Ugly but so delicious!!

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