How to make pomegranate molasses - a precious ingredient

How to make pomegranate molasses - a precious ingredient

Empty the fruits. My guide: how to empty a pomegranate in 5 mins. So to empty 6 fruits will take 30-40 mins

Once, used to be prepared in summer. The whole household and z neighbors gave a hand. 2 days work. Juice extracted by hand & cooked over wood fire which should be kept burning until sirup done.

while making a guide for pomegranate sirup . I made a trial. Boil the whole grains with the piths. It became thick in 1 hr. I think the inside of the grain has a thickening agent?? Interesting

SO...Empty the pomegranate (my guide : how to empty pomegranate in 5 mins). Cook on high fire...crush some grains with a big spoon or the potato masher. Boil 1 hr. Pass in the moulinette.

Put in a cooking pot On high fire to start the cooking

Here the softened grains are passed through the old fashioned moulinette

Put the juice back in the cooking pot and cook 5-10 mins to make it more thick it it is ready when it is leaves a trail like above. It is done. Yields 6 TBsp

Same result but in 1 hr more or less. 600 g grains yield 125 g molasses. Around 6 TBsp

Watch the video: How to make Pomegranate Molasses (January 2022).