How to paint a harbour porpoise with your fingers.

How to paint a harbour porpoise with your fingers.

First, prime your canvas. I used white, a touch of blue, and some thinner to make a runny, icy, white.

With your knife, scrape in the background.

Start at the top and work your way down. There is green mixed in with the blue and white.

Add shadow with blue and highlight with white.

Sketch your porpoise with your pinky. You can use your knife to scrape away paint inside the sketch as I did.

Your first coat of shadow and highlight.

Second coat applies blue to the body and black to the head.

Add white and blue to the tail, then black to the flipper and body.

Blend colors using your wet canvas and your thumb. Add some black underneath the belly so she is popping out of the water.

Work the highlights on the head, then the shadows under the belly. Keep everything contouring around the round body.

Highlight on top of the dorsal fun and more in the face.

Last layer of highlight on the face is a baby blue.

Add detail to her eye with black and add a hint of sparkle with white and your pinky.

Sign the corner with your pinky.

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