How to make korean seafood / spring onions pancake

How to make korean seafood / spring onions pancake

This is all you need for a delish seafood pancake! Oh and ofcourse oil to bake your pancake! The quantities shown in the supplies list are for making 1 pancake. If you are making more, just double it.

As my mixed seafood package came directly from the freezer, I had to defrost it. 1) Put frozen seafood in bowl; 2) Add ice cold water; 3) Add salt; 4) Mix and let it set for a while

1) Unpack surimi sticks from package; 2) Unwrap each stick; 3) Cut into pieces (I cut 4 pieces out of one stick)

1) Cut the ends from the spring onions; 2) Wash it; 3) Cut into halves

1) After 10min or so the seafood has been defrosted, throw water away and squeeze absorbed water from seafood with your hand; 2) 'Dry' ; 3) Set aside with the surimi sticks

Ok, let's start !

1) Add 2 cups pancake mix; 2) You need 1 1/3 cup cold water; 3) Add a 1/2 cup water to mixture; 4) Mix well; 5) Add rest of water to mixture; 6) Mix very well

1) Two eggs; 2) Add one egg to mixture; 3) Mix well; 4) Add second egg to mixture; 5) Mix very well; 6) Like this

It should look like this. Very fluid. Don't worry, that's ok !

1) Preheat pan; 2) Add olive oil; 3) Use soup spoon to scoop mixture; 4) Add mix. 5) Add more until bottom is covered; 6) Spread it out carefully

1) Add spring onions; 2) Add seafood; 3) Use soup spoon to scoop mixture; 4) Add mix on top of seafood/spring onions; 5) Make sure it covers seafood/spring onions

Once flipped it over, use spatula to press pancake softly to bottom. Check if bottom is ready (gold brown), if yes its ready !

Looks good !!

Oops, quite thick huh hahaha !

Now prepare the sauce for pancake. Using soy sauce, spring onions and depends you like it hot or not: chili pepper.

1) Dice spring onions; 2) Like this; 3) Dice chili pepper; 4) Add chili pepper to spring onions; 5) Add soy sauce; 6) Mix together

Enjoy your homemade Korean seafood / spring onions pancake !! 

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