How to fix a microwave

How to fix a microwave

A few days ago, we were making popcorn and 3 seconds into the cycle, our microwave shut off. The outlet still had power but nothing would turn on. After some searching it seemed like a blown fuse

I supported the microwave with some jackstands

Then unplugged and unscrewed it from the top (doesn't show in the pic unless you click it to make it larger)

I lowered it down and off of the wall bracket

After removing the 30 screws that held the cover on, this is what I'm looking at

Most of the time if you follow the power cord, you'll find the fuse. It's on the bottom of this circuit board

My microwave uses a ceramic 250v 20a fuse. Yours may be different but the fuse will be marked as to what it is

I removed the board to inspect for any damage

Front and back

A quick phone call to radio shack and the verified that they had them in stock. This 4 pack cost $3.75

Popped the new fuse in and replace the board

I ran an extension cord to make sure it worked before I put it all back together. I warmed a cup of water just to make sure

Reverse the directions to put it all back together and feel good about yourself for saving money!

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