How to make home made laundry detergent

How to make home made laundry detergent

Before we start Pour a glass of wine! (This is optional of course.)

Gather all of your supplies.

It's time to start mixing! In a large mixing bowl add 3 cups of borax and 4 cups of washing soda. Mix well and set aside.

Using your cheese grater, the fine side, grate your soap in your medium sized bowl.

Phew....don't worry people almost done. Take a sip of wine and let's continue!

Mix your grated soap in with your borax & washing soda. Make sure this is mixed as well as you can get it.

Add your detergent to a cute canister and voila, you now have your very own home made laundry detergent.

Remember all you need is 2 tbs of detergent per laundry load. (Your coffee scoop should be the equivalent of 2 tbs.)

Congratulations! Now we can finish that glass of wine we poured at the beginning of our guide.

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