How to make homemade mole

How to make homemade mole

Place ribs in water add salt and cook well. Place both the meat and water in separate bowls and let cool. I usually place the water in freezer for a few minutes to help it along.

Place 6 chiles in a pan of water and cook until soft.. Usually about 15 minutes.

Wile chiles are cooking, take the cool downed meat and shred it.

The shredded meat...

Now that the chiles are cooked...cut them open to take out the seeds.

Like this....

Place them in a blender with salt and water...blend....

While chiles are blending, take 2spoonfuls of flour and add to bowl. Add the meats water you had cooling off. Stir with a fork, add enough water. That the mixture isn't clumpy...turn off blender.

I use a big plastic spoon when using the flour. I want to make sure I have enough, since I will be stirring constantly and can't stop to make more.

In a pan on medium heat..add a little bit of cooking oil. Let it warm up..not too hot or the flour mixture will form little balls.

When the oil is warm, using a strainer, add the chile mixture to the pan.. Add more of the meat water that you had set aside with the chile mixture in the pan.

Will look like add your flour mixture little at a time...stirring constantly with a slotted spoon to break any balls that is formed. Keep stirring and adding flour mixture.......

I usually stir about 30-45 seconds before adding more flour mixture. The flour thickens it up..if its too thick for you, you can add more of the meats water. You don't want it too runny or too thick.

Add the shredded meat...after I added the meat it was way too thick so I added more of the water to it and kept stirring.

I turned the stove off after getting my consistency I wanted. Here is the outcome... Great with rice and tortillas...MMMMM Enjoy

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