How to create collage art with bazaart

How to create collage art with bazaart

Open Bazaart on your iPad or iPhone.

Click "create a collage" to get started.

Browse your Pinterest boards for images.

Pinch and zoom with your fingers to resize and arrange your images.

Click the scissor tool at the bottom to remove the background.

This is how the image will look when the background is removed.

Click next to save your collage. Your collage will show up on the main feed.

You can also save individual elements from someone else's collage by tapping on the artwork.

The collage will flip over and enable you to select and save individual elements to your Pinterest boards.

You can remix someone else's collage by clicking on the remix button.

You can rearrange the photos, delete or add your own images from your Pinterest boards.

You can browse through recent or featured collages.

Or you can view your very own personal library of collages called "My Bazaart."

You can send some love to your favorites and/or leave a comment.

Or save any collage you like to your favorite social networking sites.

Bazaart is also available for the iPhone!

If you like to create collage art, you will love Bazaart!

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