How to make no fat potato chips

How to make no fat potato chips

This is wt u need obviously ;D

Wash them first with cold water

Then, u can choose either peel the skin or save it. If u r using the potatos with thin skin, u can probably save it cuz potato skin has good nutrients! :)

After that, cut them into thin slices like that, can be a little thinner XD

Then, prepare microwave safe plate with a layer of oil using brush or oil spray. I tried to use waxpaper, but it doesnt work quite well.

Place the potatos slices on the plate with space in between.

And microwave for 3 mins first, just in case they burn, if thats not enough, cook for 1-2 more mins until they become crispy. Burnt chips might not be good to health, so just throw them away:)

For seasoning, u can use wtever u like, u can also use popcorn seasoning!:)

See! This is how the chips look like! Healthy n yummy:)

These chips r super healthy,one whole potato only has <200 calories, and the point is no fat or say super low fat(due to a little oil on the plate) This is absolutely great snack! Hope you like it!

Feel free to comment! Enjoy! :)Don't forget to check out my blog for more ideas! see you!

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