How to make a galaxy shape shirt

How to make a galaxy shape shirt

first, get your bleach and put it in a spray bottle

get one or two sponges. makeup sponges or paintbrush sponges will also work

the ones in the front are more ideal colors, purples and blues, as well as orange and pink. white and yellow are used for stars. make sure you have black incase any color bleeds outside your tape

lay out your materials near your working space for easy access

lay out your black shirt on newspaper and put a price of cardboard inside. this is important so the paint and bleach doesn't run through

use masking tape to hold in your shape

I am using a cross, but feel free to choose whatever you want

covering the rest of the shirt with newspaper

this is how the bleach reacts to the black shirt

combine either white or vanilla/creme acrylic paint with water

put into spray can

add either color (I used creme)

use sponge

or just directly squeeze paint onto shape

put it all over

use sponge-like brush

add white and creme to create stars

dab with small brush or end of brush

dab all the white

use sponge

remove newspaper

take off tape

cover up any extra paint outside shape with black paint

your finished, now wash and dry ALONE. do not put it in with anything else or paint will get all over it

strut your new shirt by cutting sleeves off, adding lace, or slits in it. you can see how to do these things in any of my other guides. enjoy!(:

FYI: I used two different shirts because I had to start over on another shirt due to the first shirt having an odd material. T-shirt material works best, while heavier, looser material doesn't. (:

Watch the video: Tie Dye Tutorial: Black Galaxy Technique (January 2022).