How to make turkish stuffed eggplants (karniyarik)

How to make turkish stuffed eggplants (karniyarik)

Here are the supplies serving FOUR persons. Oops - I forgot the other eggplant ! So one eggplant serves two persons, unless you are very hungry or a big eater .

1) Wash eggplant; 2) Cut off the top; 3) Peel off the skin as shown on the pic; 4) Cut eggplant into half

1) Preheat pan; 2) Add oil; 3) Add eggplants - round side first) and bake for about 3-4min; 4) Turn to other side (flat side) and bake for about 5min; 5) Turn around, when its gold brown set aside

1) Take onion; 2) Dice onion; 3) Take a clove of garlic; 4) Dice garlic

1) Put eggplants on baking dish; 2) Make a vertical cut carefully; 3) Make a horizontal cut; 4) Followed by diagonal; 5) Now diagonally to the other side; 6) Should look like this

Preheat oven: 180 celsius degrees

1) Preheat pan; 2) Add oil; 3) Add ground beef + onions + garlic; 4) Use a fork to smash the beef; 5) Mix well everything together

1) Add diced tomatoes; 2) Mix well; 3) Add pepper and salt; 4) Add a handful parsley; 5) Mix well everything together

Now carefully transfer the meat to the eggplants and fill the inside with the meat mixture. Carefully press meat a little bit into the eggplants to put more meat in it. PS: dont throw away the juice!

1) Take tomato; 2) Slice it; 3) Layer it on the top of the eggplants

Use a spoon to spread the juice of the meat mixture on the eggplants. Now you have a yummi sauce !

"Cheese time" !

Put stuffed eggplants into oven and let it bake for about 35 minutes at 180 celsius degrees.

Those stuffed eggplants look soooo good !

Garnish with a fresh salad, potatoes or rice like I did. Enjoy !!

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