How to make the best no bake brownies

How to make the best no bake brownies

Substitutions. Almonds replace sunflower seeds. Walnuts replace Brazils. Cocoa / cacao replaces mesquite. Prunes replace dates. If you try something else that works do share in the comments!

I'm a shopaholic ingredient hog so I enforced an ingredient shopping ban until my store cupboard is empty! I should ban myself more often if it results in brownies ala so...

Why did the short ethnic man cross the road? To buy a whole box of dates of course, you silly billy. It was before the ingredient ban. Promise.

Into the bowl of a food processor --> tip the sunflower seeds -->

--> and 150g (1cup) of the Brazil nuts.

Process until you have a rough crumb texture.

Chuck in the cocoa / cacao powder. I used standard cocoa powder because that's what I had. Apparently cacao is better for you as it's not cooked like cocoa powder. But I'm on a ban so I don't know.

If using add the mesquite and salt. An exotic ingredient and buy one get one free. Of course I bought it. If you don't happen to have mesquite powder lying around use 50g cocoa / cacao instead.

Whizz until just combined to a medium-fine crumb.

Finally add the pitted dates and whizz some more. The final mixture should not be too sticky and this may happen if you over-process. Don't fret if you do pet as your brownies will be just as fine.

Transfer to a bowl and add the remaining Brazils (1/2 cup) that you've magically chopped. I didn't Snap that step so how'd ya know? Get outta my head Snapguider and toss your mixture. Not that toss.

Transfer the tossed mixture to a fully lined square brownie or cake tin and press it in to your desired thickness. Refrigerate and wait until hard. The brownies, not you. About 1-2 hours.

Remove from fridge and pull out the baking paper to release the brownies. Dust with cocoa / cacao and if you wish to be super swish, decorate it with pecans or walnuts.

Arrange in a fancy-pants manner and photograph for Snapguide. Oh, you don't have to do that bit --> move along --->

--> Just chomp and enjoy. Keep the brownies in the fridge for ages or freeze them for even more ages. Make tons and freeze then pop one in everyone's lunchbox for a yummy and healthy treat.

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