How to make lucy's no-sweat pancake syrup

How to make lucy's no-sweat pancake syrup

Start with a pan.

Add 1 cup of packed brown sugar. ( You pack it in the cup like you packed sand in a bucket to make a sand castle. )

Add 1/2 cup water.

That's it. Don't even stir it. Turn heat on high. And wait.

Allow it to come to full boil for 1 minute. When it's bubbling like's a full boil. Don't stir. Just one minute.

When minute is up, take off the heat.

Allow to set while you make pancakes, waffles, or...FRENCH TOAST!

When ready may pour in your syrup dispenser.

Like so.

Add your handy dandy lid.

Using a towel because it is still hot.

Ta Da! Just like a Waffle House!

Pour right over French toast with a dollop of peanut butter. Yummy!


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