How to get perfect soft boiled eggs!

How to get perfect soft boiled eggs!

Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil, the added salt will plug any cracks in the eggs

Once the water is boiling dip the eggs in and out of the water using a spoon, dipping in and out will help the egg adjust to the heat without shocking it :)

Submerge the eggs in the pan

Set your timer to five minutes

Whilst the eggs are cooking prepare a bowl of ice water

And get your egg cups ready

Once the timer goes off put them carefully into the ice water, this will stop them cooking and cool down the shells so they are easier to handle

Put your bread in the toaster


Next butter your toast and cut it into soldiers

Once you have done that take the eggs out of the ice water and put them in the cups then With a spoon crack the top of the eggs and take it off season with salt and cracked black pepper

And there you have it! Perfect runny eggs every time! Enjoy!

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