How to cook tasty vegan lentils soup

How to cook tasty vegan lentils soup

The products

Clean the vegetables and make them ready for chopping

Cut all the vegetables; grain garlic, ginger, turmeric and the tomatoes.

Add olive oil to the cooking pot

Make the spices ready

Fry the onions

Add chopped peppers, celery and hot pepper

Add chopped carrots

Add chopped zucchini

Add chopped Jerusalem artichoke

Add the spices

Mix and stir the vegetables

Add the grained tomatoes

Add the lentils

Lemon zest

Mix and stir for few minutes (5min)

Add water, dill and let it boil

Close the soup and cook it for an hour on a low medium temperature

Serve it with squeezed lemon on top

Hope you will enjoy. Adding coconut milk will give the soup a special taste

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