How to make lucy's french toast with stale bread

How to make lucy's french toast with stale bread

Gather bread..any kind that is sliced or can be sliced can be used. And of course eggs.

I crack one egg for each slice of toast.

Now mix it real good..till egg whites and yolks and mixed together completely.

Like so. Now at this point, you can continue with a simple method or add a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar or season with salt and pepper. Then add in a splash of milk or cream. Personalize to taste!

Turn the heat on and place your skillet.

Get your assembly line ready. Butter, Bread and Egg Mix.

Scoop about a teaspoon of butter.

Add into the pan.

Allow to melt. Temperature will depend on your stove. If not sure, start at Medium and can crank up or down as needed.

Grab a slice of bread.

Drop into egg mix. Depending on dryness of the bread determines how long to let set. You want it to soak up but not have a layer of egg mix on outside of it.

Flip over to the other side..same.

Lift up and allow to drain.

Place on top of melted butter.

When brown turn.

Like so..This is how you want it to look. If it's a scrambled egg look. Then it sat too long in the mix. Adjust for next one.

Place on plate..add Dollop of Peanut Butter..

..oh, yes I Did!. Add slice #2..

More peanut butter..Don't forget the syrup! Try my homemade version with only brown sugar and water. Amazing!

Oh yeah..This bite's for you!

Check out that peanut butter melting. Yep it's that good. Enjoy!

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