How to make a salad into a meal :)

How to make a salad into a meal :)

As all my guides start with a bowl of garlic, have some ready to pan grill your chicken with :)

Marinade the chicken w garlic, salt & pepper and HONEY!

Cook your chicken on LOW until golden brown.

Meanwhile have your beans ready in a bowl (the beans really make this dish filling and makes the salad a meal!)

Add some Arugula if you like :)

Top it with any other ingredients. I chose bell peppers and onions

Slice your chicken into tender strips

Add to salad

For the homemade dressing: mustard

Plus raspberry marmalade, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper! Amazing combo!

Drizzle on and add a few (dried) fruits if desired.

A treat to myself for tonight's movie marathon! :)


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