How to cook leek salty tart

How to cook leek salty tart

This morning at the super market the leeks were smelling so strong, that I could not resist .. Weird .. Hehehe

I usually cut the leeks in 3. Use the white bottom for the tart.. Middle for a soup, or steamed (guide to come).. And throw away the upper ..

I clean them

Cut into slices

Add water

Bring to a boil, this is "whitening" (blanchir les poireaux)

Prepare the ingredients for the bechamele

I usually add milk to 4 big spoons of flour

Strain the leeks

Add more milk to the flour milk mix

Put a big piece of butter in the pan, warm

Add the leeks

Add a little bit of nutmeg

Add the mix to the leeks

Keep turning until the bechamele thicken

Unroll the dough

Put in a pie

Add the bechamele

Cover with Swiss cheese, cover with bread crumb for crunchiness, cook 40min at 375f

Et voila!

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