How to make dalek nails

How to make dalek nails

The color for the Dalek is Lustre Shine number 005 plume. Then you need a black stripper, top coat, and gems.

Dotting tools (you can make your own) and nail gems. I got both on for pretty cheep.

Start with 2 coats of the Lustre Shine color.

Put a black dot and 2 lines at the top of the nail.

Add two lines.

Make little triangles on the sides. Not as high as I did here

Then add silver nail gems. Three in the middle and two on the sides. (I just used silver polish here because I'm using a fake nail and I'd rather not waste the gems)

Finished nail that I had done before this guide. :)

Watch the video: Doctor Who Nails. Daleks! (December 2021).