How to replace the air filter on an audi b8 s4

How to replace the air filter on an audi b8 s4

Remove the Radiator cover, t27 driver four screws

Remove the two screws holding the ram Air intake.

Ram Air intake

Loosen the airhose clamp with the flat head screw driver. The goal is to be able to remove the air filter canister holding the air filter in place. Do not unseat the two stainless steal clips!

Remove the Air filter cover housing by removing the screws. Once all the screws are off, separate the air canister set it on your work bench.

Removing screw from air filter housing place a magnetic pick up in the screw to prevent it from dropping into the engine bay, or stuff shop rags at the bottom.

Air filter housing, remove the two screws holding the filter in place. Remove the old filter, install the new filter. Done. Put the car back together in the reverse order.

Notice the two clips mentioned in step 4, they hold a short intake tube. You dont need to remove them. I made the mistake of taking them off. It will separate the filter housing from intake.

Watch the video: AutoNarrative - Installing a ku0026n air filter on my tdi Audi A4 with Turbo sounds (December 2021).