How to cook a stuffed courgettes lebanese dish

How to cook a stuffed courgettes lebanese dish

2 courgettes.. Available on the French market. Diced onions, diced tomatoes (with skin and juice) cooked garbanzo beans spices and salt, parsley and olive oil. Of course and the rice

. These are the courgettes that we find everywhere in Europe. So we adapt to availability without crossing a city to get the special ingredients. Anyway, I cut in half and empty them.

Put the ( inside) in the cooking pot.

Mix the stuffing ingredients


Fill the courgettes.

Put in the cooking pot add the pomegranate molasses

And the rest of the stuffing if any left. It will give extra flavour

2 more TBsp of olive oil. May b mor salt

Level courgettes with boiling water. Cover and cook on low medium for 40-50 mins and let them cool

Take the cooked courgettes and cut them into 2 cm round slices. Serve them cold.

An idea I serve them with dipsticks to share like sushi. Just for fun...

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