How to bake fight worthy apple bread

How to bake fight worthy apple bread

Mix the dry ingredients. Add the first six things listed on the supplies list into a bowl (flour to cinnamon) the penguin is my sea salt ;)

Whisk for two minutes. This is super important, it helps give the bread a light soft texture. You can also sift five or six times.

Soft and full of fluff and air!

In a seperate bowl add the butter,oil, and both the white and brown sugar. With a mixer or spoon blend for about two minutes.

Blend on medium speed

Add eggs and vanilla to wet mixture and blend lightly....

......until mixed. It will be a bit lumpy and not totally smooth.

Get a cutting board and sharp knife and a third bowl.

Slice and dice apples. I do half inch cubes but feel free to do what ever size you like. You could also peel your apples if you prefer.

Mix the apples and a 1/2 cup almonds to your empty bowl reserving the rest of the almonds to sprinkle on the top of each loaf.

You are now ready to mix all this stuff together! But first....

Preheat the oven to 320°......

Spray or grease three bread pans. This can make four loaves if you want them a bit smaller.

Pour your wet mix onto your flour mix. Use your biggest bowl for this since its a lot to mix all together.

Once it's mostly blended add you apples and almonds and mix away. At times I've had to mix it by hand. It will be pretty stiff once combined.

Using a small bowl or dry measuring cup scoop dough into three pans. I find a one cup dry measuring cup makes about two scoops per pan. Sprinkle loaves with remaining almonds.

Set your timer for 1 hour and twenty minutes and get those little guys in the oven.

Half way done and it smells amazing in here! You should give them a bit of a turn just to even out the cooking.

Check bread at the one hour mark, if your oven runs hot this is when you take them out. For most though it needs that extra twenty minutes but definitely be close and watch.

I would tell you to wait and let them cool but good luck because the smell of this bread tends to make people feel drunk with desire. Run a knife along the inside of the pan and shake them ou

You are now ready for a battle. You can try and hide but a good sniffer can find this no problem! You could hide it in an empty bag of diapers but then a baby or a hungry mom may find it...battle on!

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