How to sketch in 3d

How to sketch in 3d

Download Trimble Sketchup. Trimble sketchup was originally called Google Sketchup, but google sold it to Trimble. It is free.

Trimble Sketchup is a free 3D MODELING PROGRAM that allows you to take a sketch or drawing and make it a 3d model. It has become a preference for many architects and engineers. And it is EASY to use.

Sketchup has many tools for you to use to draw your sketch. You can also import a photo and sketch from it!

There are only a few main tools. A LINE tool, a PULL/PUSH tool and a RECTANGLE TOOL.

''P'' is the shortcut for the PUSH/PULL TOOL.

You also have all sorts of options to tinker with.

And if you don't have enough tools already you can install many free PLUGINS!!

They also have very good help support.

The basic idea is to use the LINE tool and other tools to SKETCH something.

Then you TEXTURE it and PULL it UP! You can also add dimensions using the TAPE MEASURE TOOL. You can make 3d text also.


And PULL it UP!

Pull UP!

Pull UP!



Once you have Sketched UP your sketch you can make it look like a 3d drawing. Go to WINDOW at the top and then to STYLES.

By default Sketchup has many styles. You can also download more. These styles are not just for previews, you can also work on your model while in a certain style.

Another style


Look how sketchy!



Uh huh...


Now that is a sketch!

MASTERPIECE! This sketch was done in a matter of minutes. I did the layout in an app called DIPTIC for the iPad. All you have to do is change the camera angle and you have a new view of your sketch.

You can use sketchup for carpentry design, house design, game design, product design, and many other things.


For tutorials go to my site and then to: ART/3D/3D ART APPLICATIONS/GOOGLE SKETCHUP.



You could even use it for patent drawings. (This is not a real patent drawing)

Watch the video: How to Draw 3D Letter M - Drawing with pencil - Awesome Trick Art. (December 2021).