How to successfully feed a chipmunk

How to successfully feed a chipmunk

Go to a spot where you know chipmunks live and where you are allowed to feed them. It's best to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. Go in the morning so they aren't as full. I do this when I go to Colorado

I found these the sunflower seeds that attract more chipmunks

Get a big handful of the seeds and find a place where you are comfortable to sit and wait. I will sit on a rock most of the time. Make sure you don't go too far into their territory!!

Make sure you are still and patient. Put your hand on the ground and before long, you might just attract a chipmunk.

Once they come, don't yell to someone that they came. They'll see after a while. Don't move your hand, or make sudden movements. It scares them and they will run away.

It gets really exciting when you feed more than one at a time. Once your handful runs out, they will comeup and stare at you. Slowly reach your hand in the bag and show them the new food.

And you have now learned how to successfully feed a chipmunk!!

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