How to make a music video or movie with your ipad

How to make a music video or movie with your ipad

We need a few MUSIC MAKING apps. Download GARAGEBAND and VOCALIVE from the App Store.

Garageband is the BEST app for making music on IOS. You can make anything from Pop beats to Cinematic Intros.

VacaLive is a MUST for vocals. Whether it be singing or just simple voiceovers.

Check out my guide on how to use these two apps together.

Now you will need a STORYBOARDING app.

PAPER BY FIFTYTHREE is the prettiest app you could use for storyboarding.


This is a quick storyboard of a music video I want to make

You can also take still shots of your locations and use those for the timing of your shots.

We need a VIDEO EFFECTS app. Download LUMIFY by SHNAP

As of now LUMIFY by SHNAP is the best app for adding video effects. It is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch only.

We need a VIDEO EDITING app. You can either use IMOVIE which has direct import from Garageband or CUTE CUT

iMovie is a basic but stable app made by APPLE for video editing. You can import your Gargeband songs directly into iMovie.

Cute Cut is a full featured video editing tool. You can use this in sync with iMovie, but you have to pay for certain features.

Once you have your song made you have to shoot some video in sync with your song. You can play it through speakers and have someone shoot for you.

Choose a time when the sky is even and the sun is not bright.

Shoot more than enough video so that you can fill in areas that might need it. Of course if your storyboard is good you will not need to do that.

Shoot WIDE SHOTS to describe the LOCATION. Shoot MID SHOTS to describe the ACTION that is taking place, and shoot CLOSE-UP shots to show DETAIL.

Wide Shot

Mid Shot

Mid Shot


See how it flows?

I used Trimble Sketchup to set up these shots

Now to get your song into iMovie

To export your song from Garageband into iMovie, tap EDIT.

Select your Song

Tap the SEND icon (Box with an arrow pointing to the right).

Tap iMovie

It is sending the song to iMovie


Now the song is in iMovie. By Default it shows the VIDEOS in your camera roll. Select the two overlapping rectangles on the left to show the PHOTOS.

Tap the photos you want to add to your project

They pop in.

Tap a photo to adjust the LENGTH of the shot. Using photos first will help you adjust your shot timing better without having to shoot video and then delete it. You can also imagine the shots you want.

Dragging the YELLOW KNOB left or right will adjust the length of the photo. You can play back your video at any time using the Greyed out arrow above the track window.



Wide Shot (outdoor)

Mid Shot (outdoor)

Wide Shot (indoor)

Mid Shot (indoor)

Close-up (indoor)

If this stadium were a music stage I could start the song from there.

Remember to replace the storyboard pictures with actual video.

You could use this same process for making a movie.


VIDEOGRADE by Fidel Lainez is a must have for video editing. (Price 4.99)

I am working on a music video that I MIGHT post to this snapguide. hehe. I will update if I do.

See yah!

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