How to build a light trap for catching moths

How to build a light trap for catching moths

Moths are fascinating and often very beautiful insects. Building a light trap will allow you, with a bit of patience to see some of the species that live right in your own backyard! HAVE FUN!

Pictured are all the supplies you will need for this simple science experiment

Start with the lid to your tub. We are going to cut a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the funnel. Careful not to make it too big or the lid is ruined

Like this! Don't affix the funnel yet, because the next step is to enlarge the opening at the bottom by cutting off the end. A hole about 2.5" wide is about perfect.


AND...AFTER! It's a good idea to either sand or cover the sharp edges left over from cutting. I like to use duct tape (camo of course)!

And now we're ready to make the baffles which will hold the lamp over the opening. Get out your styrofoam, cutter, and screwdriver. Don't attach the funnel to the lid just yet. That will be at the end

Bottom cut out, but it's not very pretty. Time for good old camouflage duct tape. I like to cover the whole lid. Looks cool! :). We are going to cut 'windows' into the sides of the pot

Much better! Who doesn't love camo duct tape!!! Now for the windows...

And this is before the windows......

Here they are drawn on. I leave about a 1" border of styrofoam on all sides of each window. This will make the space big enough for the moths to see the light and enter the trap. Lets cut 'em out!

(Upside down) the tape on the bottom edge will be used to affix the foam to the lid of the tub. But not yet. Next step is hanging the work light. So grab the camouflage lid you made and make a hole

Like so. Now pass the power cord all the way through so the light will be suspended in the baffling we just finished making. Almost done!

Tape the funnel down on to the lid of the tub like so...

Now tape on the baffles over the funnel.

We don't want any drowned moths so don't forget about drainage! A hole in the bottom with some mesh and your finds will stay dry

Put in some egg cartons or crumpled newspaper and any moths that come will chill and relax instead of banging around.

Here shown with egg cartons in the bottom for resting

Watch the video: Mr. Knuckles Home Remedies - Homemade Pantry Moth Trap (December 2021).