How to create easy 4th of july decorations

How to create easy 4th of july decorations


Line up 5 sticks. I make sure mine are flush by using 2 others

Hot glue two sticks for backing. I did in a criss cross but you can snap a popsicle stick in half or something else :)

Cut 3 sticks in half. Use the first one as a guide for the rest!

Glue 3 half sticks to far left upper side (stars). You probably don't need to so this, but I find it easier & creates a nice effect.

Now paint! :)

Add stars & done. Now let dry! I painted the stars, there's plenty of stickers out there you can use too.

This is what I used mine for. Hot glued a ribbon along the back & hung it on the door! :)

Watch the video: How to Create Easy 4th of July Decorations! (January 2022).