How to hand-pick lime tree flowers forherbal tea

How to hand-pick lime tree flowers forherbal tea

Pick the right lime tree in blossom- that is cruitial. Pick only those flowers which are in blossom. The best time to pick is early morning or late afternoon

This is how the right flower to be picked should look like:)

And one more close up to make sure;)

Place handpicked flower in a basket or natural wooden box

Feel the great smell of this amazing healing flower. Oh, make sure you shake the tree branch well before starting as there might be some bugs.

Place handpicked flowers in a box. Pick as many as you can, as for jar of this healing tea you need about a handfull of lime tree flowers.

The best place to dry lime tree flowers is in a dry place on a white paper or baking paper. Or outside under shadow. Never dry under direct sunlight as they might burn:) Voiala

Watch the video: Hand pollinating my lemon tree (December 2021).