How to create a shortcut for characters/emojis

How to create a shortcut for characters/emojis

Download the special characters app or install emoji (there are lots of other character apps but I use special characters)

Choose a character out of the app or choose an emoji

Click on the paper airplane in the top right corner or just copy it (click on image to see the airplane)

Click copy

Go to settings

Scroll to general

Click keyboard

Make sure shortcut is on

(Click on the image to see) scroll down to "add new shortcut"

Paste your emoji or character in the phrase slot

Add any word to be your "shortcut word" (I don't think numbers work)

(Once again click to view full image) then click save

Make sure it's there

Whenever you need to put the character or emoji just type the shortcut word and click space:D ◑0◐ lol enjoy!

If you want a certain tutorial then please comment:) ☻

Watch the video: How to make your own character or symbols (January 2022).