How to make an air conditioner in 5 mins for $20

How to make an air conditioner in 5 mins for $20

Get your supplies together (drill is optional as you can easily cut the styrofoam with a knife

Drill or cut a 2" hole on the top/side of the life (or anywhere towards the top)

Hole drilled photo

Screw the PVC pipe fitting so half is inside the other is outside

Place a paint can on the top (this can matched almost perfectly to my fan size) cut it like you are carving a pumpkin (at any angle to the top doesn't fall through)

Fan hole done

For the fan inside this hole, use your tape to secure it in place.

All done! Just add ice or frozen ice packs

I used frozen ice packs as I have tons and they do not creat a mess when they melt. As an added bonus you can store drinks inside too! Great for camping, picnics etc, you can even use battery fans

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