How to make a magazine cover with an iphone/ipod touch

How to make a magazine cover with an iphone/ipod touch

Download the PAGES app by APPLE from the app store. ($10)

Download the QR CREATOR app by VEGANTOFU APPS from the app store. (free)

Draw a sketch of your magazine page. Hehe

Open PAGES and create a BLANK sheet.

First we will make the BORDER. We could make it on the main page, but it would be in the way. We are going to stamp it on the page. Tap the WRENCH at the top right of the screen.


This screen will come up. Tap the blue + at the top right of the screen.

This screen will come up. Tap the SHAPES tab, swipe left in the window until you get to the page above, and choose the HOLLOW SQUARE (the one without the ''T'' in it).

The square will pop in. Resize it to fit around the borders of the white page.

Like this. Tap the blue PAINTBRUSH at the top right of the screen.

This will come up. Tap STYLE tab and then tap STYLE OPTIONS.

This will come up. Tap the BORDER tab. Make sure BORDER is ON. You can adjust the COLOR and WIDTH of your border. I made my border width the max width.

I had to adjust the border to fit within the page. I also made it GREEN. On an IPod touch, there was a lot of zooming and panning and accidental taps. (Pages 1.7 has a LOCK feature now.)

Check how it looks on the main page. Now I am going to make my LOGO. You can insert your own logo. I will make mine. Tap the WRENCH at the top right of the screen and go to DOCUMENT SETUP again.

Hit the blue + and then tap the SHAPES tab. I am choosing the ROUNDED SQUARE.

It will pop in. Tap the blue PAINTBRUSH


Tap FILL, and choose a fill COLOR. Tap DONE

Adjust the shape's position and scale if you have to. Tap the blue +.

Add a TEXT shape (The square with a ''T'' in it). Tap the blue PAINTBRUSH.

Tap the TEXT tab and change the type to TITLE. Tap the FONT section (where it says 95 pt Courier).

This is where you adjust the SIZE, TYPE, and COLOR of your font.

I made my font white and put it over the rounded square. Now I will add the PRICE and ISSUE # of the Magazine. Tap the blue +.

Add a TEXT shape, and type in the price of the magazine. Most magazines have a United states and Canada price. Add the issue number also. Now leave this app for a second, and open QR CREATOR.

This screen will come up. I am going to create a QR code that links to my website. So I will tap URL QR.

Tap in your website address then tap CREATE.

This screen will come up. Tap SAVE.

The QR code is saved to your CAMERA ROLL.

Go back to PAGES, tap the blue + if you have to, and tap the MEDIA tab. (You should still be in DOCUMENT SETUP). Select your QR code.

This comes in big. I have to resize it.

Move around your PRICE and QR code wherever you like. Tap DONE to get back to the MAIN SCREEN.

Now we have to add our MAIN PHOTO. Tap the BROWN +.

This will come up. Make sure the MEDIA tab is selected and load a picture from your CAMERA ROLL.

IT'S AN APPLE!! Re-size it. (.png files are best, because they have transparency so that backgrounds do not show up.)

Tap the BROWN + at the top right of the screen. Time to add the MAIN TITLE.

Tap the SHAPES tab and choose the TEXT shape (square with ''T'' in it).

Do all the usual text stuff, but make the type TITLE.

Choose your SIZE, COLOR, and font TYPE.

This is my font choice.

This is my color choice.

Even though I typed more than ''IPad'' it doesn't show up. I have to readjust the size of the bounding box (the little blue box that shows up around selected stuff.)

Now I can see it all. Now I am going to add a MINOR PHOTO (Any other photo that isn't the main subject.) Tap the BROWN + then MEDIA, and choose a photo.

HUH?? My photo overlaps the text!! I'LL FIX IT!! Make sure it is selected and tap the GOLDEN PAINTBRUSH.

Make sure the ARRANGE tab is selected. Where it says MOVE TO BACK/FRONT is where we will work. Slide it LEFT.

Like this. Now it is the BACK-MOST photo.

Now for the MINOR HEADLINE. Add a TEXT shape (You should get this part by now) and tap out your HEADLINE.

I have some FILLER TEXT I am going to take parts out of.

I pasted in my text and changed the STYLE to HEADING 1.

I also changed the FONT.

Now tap the HEADLINE text once, and a menu will come up. Tap COPY.

Tap somewhere in a blank space and a menu to PASTE the copied text should come up. Tap PASTE. Do it again for as many headlines as you want.

Then just change the text in the headlines. You can change the color also.

Now for the SUB HEADLINES. Add your text and COPY it.

Paste it around.

Change it. I have to add a DATE. Tap the WRENCH and go to DOCUMENT SETUP.

Tap where it says TAP TO EDIT HEADER.

It should go to the right side. If not, swipe to that side and select the CELL (the box).

Add a DATE then tap DONE.

THAT IS IT!! Open it in your favorite app and ENJOY!! Don't forget to scan my QR code to check out my site.


Check out this Toy Story ® magazine I made in about 3 minutes. (DISCLAIMER: Toy Story® is sole property of DISNEY'S PIXAR STUDIOS)









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