How to create a tshirt tapestry!

How to create a tshirt tapestry!

Lay the shirt flat and fold in half. Cut off the seam. You will not use the seams or the neck band.

Keeping the shirt folded in half, cut the shirt into strips.

Use your thumb as a guide to how thick to cut the strips.

The strips will look like this. They do not have to be perfect!

Now cut each strip into hand-width sections. I got 8 sections from one strip of an XL shirt.

Pull each end of the strip and stretch it. This rolls the rough edges to the inside.

Now take a strip, fold it in half and push it under a line of the canvas hook base and back up the other side. Push the remaining folded strip through the loop that was created by the base material.

Fill every opening with a strip of fabric, but stay consistent in the direction you flip the strips if you want the tapestry to lay flat.

If you don't care, just randomly put the strips on. This makes a fun loose weave.

You can make a cool pattern. Just make sure you don't accidentally flip the pattern!

You also need to be aware that this takes way, way more tshirt strips than you might think.

The back of the project.

A simple project. You can always add a pattern later!

And that's it! It's a great project for all ages and abilities! Enjoy!

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