How to make spaghetti + smoked salmon and sour cream-сметана

How to make spaghetti + smoked salmon and sour cream-сметана

You put the water to boil or you can help by starting with a boiling water from the kettle. It goes much quicker ... And cut the smoked salmon into strips

Here are all the ingredients needed

Olive oil in a deep skillet heat with garlic until fragrant. Off the fire. It will perfume the oil then you discard the garlic before adding the spaghetti

The key ingredient is the sour cream. if you don't have Prepare It by adding lemon juice, add a pinch of salt and the minced dill.

Sauce teady

Boil spaghetti al dente. I use deCecco and I boil it max. 8 mins.

Discard the garlic. The skillet is back on high fire . Add the cooked spaghetti and stir in the oil for 2 mins

Add the smoked salmon. Stir on very quickly... Just to heat the salmon and not to cook it.

Add 1TBSpn of the sour cream sauce. Stir and serve

The peppercorns just cracked

Serve and top with the rest of the sour cream -dill sauce and decorate with some dill branches.

So simple to make. I think you can do a better presentation. Today I was in a hurry. Friends are waiting to eat.

Watch the video: Salmon with sour cream dill sauce: Noreens Kitchen (December 2021).