How to take a transmission apart and put it back together

How to take a transmission apart and put it back together

Step 1 Place the tran on a Bench

Step 2 take the shifter cover off

Step 3 Take the Pilot bearing hub off

Step 4 Take the tran cover off (there is a C clip )

Step 5 Take the input shaft/4th gear , blocker rings , Synchronizer hub, Synchronizer Sleeve off (c clips are holding them together )

Step 6 Take 3rd gear off

Take the tran housing off (don't forget to take off the c-clips)

Now take everything off by lightly hitting the shaft on the bench

I have the tran all a part Next putting it back together

Use the input shaft housing to line up the shaft the gears. Remember the 3th gear then Synchronizer ring then synchronizer hub then synchronizer ring 4th gear then roller bearing

Don't forget to put the c clips back on .,.

Stack all the gears and the synchronizer rings and hubs

Now put everything u have Assembled on top of a paper towel like this .,. U can use longer paper towel if you want to .,.

Then put the tran case on the paper towel and gently slide the tran case in .,. It should look like this after .,.

Put the bolts on the tran case

Turn the tran around then gently place the shifter cover on then test ur tran by spinning the input shaft and shifting gears .,. If it works all fine then bolt it together .,.

If your tran doesn't shift check if u missed anything .,. If this your first time take pic as you go so u can look back and see if u placed everything right .,.

Watch the video: Disassembling the M35A2 transmission, the Spicer 3053A. (January 2022).