How to make cheesy chicken spaghetti

How to make cheesy chicken spaghetti


Peel onion. I used 1 whole onion. My husband said it had a strong taste in the dish. I suggest using half or none if you are not an onion person. I thought it tasted perfect.

Cut in half

Run onions under cold water. It will help not make your eyes water as much. Chewing gum or a mint is said to help too.

Make slits across the onion from top to bottom

Like so.

Starting from the bottom make horizontal slits to the top

Like so

Then chop. This makes dicing onions so much faster.


All done!

Spray your crockpot with non stick spray

Coat well

Throw the onions in.

Fill a pot up and bring the water to a boil then add a box of spaghetti. I used whole wheat but you can use whatever.

Slice your chicken up!

Heat a skillet up

When heated spray the skillet with non stick pan.

Place the chicken in the pan!

Add salt and pepper to taste


Mix up the chicken

Wash the cutting board and knife. Raw and cooked don't mix!

Drain the can of mushrooms

Add the canned goods into the crockpot

Looks good huh?!? Lol

Are your noodles done? If so pour into a drainer b

Take the cook chicken off the heat

Chop the chicken into smaller pieces. Easier for smaller kids!

Cube the velveeta cheese

Add the chicken and the cheese to the crockpot

Add 1/2 cup water

More salt and pepper of you desire.

Add the noodles!

Stir together

Cook on low for 2-3 hours

Ding ding its done!!!

Pair with a side! Veggies are always good! Enjoy

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