How to make chocolate caramel triple layer cake

How to make chocolate caramel triple layer cake

Choose an appropriately awesome apron.... Then set up your baking tins, if you have 3 of equivalent size, grease them. If you have 1/2 of the same size, grease them, later I will explain the division.

Gather the ingredients, and set oven to gas 5/190C. Mix together the milk and vanilla extract in a jug. Mix the flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. Melt the chocolate.

Put e butter and sugar in the largest bowl you have in the kitchen. I need me about twice as big as the one I've used. This will make your life easier.

Cream them until pale and smooth.

Separate the eggs, mixing the yolks one at a time into the butter-sugar mix, and putting the whites in a totally spotless bowl.

Next add the melted chocolate a little at a time to the mix.


Soft in approximately one third of the flour and mix well.

Now add one third of the milk. This is the point at which you'll notice how big a bowl you need. Mine was not big enough.

Add the next third of flour, mix,then milk and so on.

Finally it's all in.

Now you need a clean whisk to get the egg whites to stiff peaks. I went for e workout DIY option, but you can use an electric mixer for an easier route.

Fold it in very very gently. You're going for as much air as possible.

All in. It's super light.

Pour into cake tins. If using 3, split evenly approx 500g per tin. Between 2' you need to go 2/3 in one, and 1/3 in the other. If using 1 tin, all in at once.

To bake: 3 tin - approx 30 mins 2 tin - approx 40-50 mins (less for wider tins) 1 tin - approx 50 mins It will smell delicious in your house when its cooked, not eggy. A skewer will come out cleanly.

Leave to cool in tins for around 10 minutes, then transfer to a rack to cool completely.

Once fully cooled, if using 2 tins split the larger one in half, and 3 tins split into 3. Then onto the icing!

Put the sugar, butter and milk into a heavy pan on a high heat.

Melt whilst stirring continuously.

Starting to bubble...

Once boiled for one minute, take off heat.

Add half the sifter icing sugar and mix. Let cool for a minute, then add the rest of the icing sugar and vanilla extract.


Put the buttercream on the bottom layer. Let it set a little.

Add the nest layer, and repeat.

Third layer.

Ice down the sides as well if you like. I am not great at decoration as you can see...

Cake is then finished.... Enjoy!!!

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